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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Lillitu, the mother of my spiritual child

For the past week I have been working with a Lillitu named Azabul, performing a rite to birth a spiritual child. At night, when everyone else in the house is asleep, I take a shower and lie in the tub while envisioning Azabul and summoning her. When she arrives (usually known when I can clearly see her with my eyes closed) I remind her of her task and then ritually masturbate while envisioning us having intercourse and give her more of my essence, making sure not to open my eyes till I give her license to depart. After we have finished, I again remind her of the task I have given her and then give her permission to leave.
For the service she is performing for me (bearing, then eventually birthing, my spiritual child) I have agreed to construct a wooden disk bearing her sigil so she may inhabit it and become stronger.
Every time she appears my vision tends to darken and light coalesces into an oval shape, usually of red blue and purple. After giving the final call the oval forms into the shape of a young Latino woman in her early twenties, usually with long brown hair and deep brown eyes (on two occasions the eyes have been blue, and once the hair was short or tied back, I could not tell). She will usually take my hand and hold it against her belly for a moment before beginning, and will then lie on me afterwards while whispering the details of the sigil she wishes me to place on the wooden disk (apparently a red -^- shape painted in acrylic). Often the feeling of her touch is very faint, building to an almost tangible sensation around my lips and chest when she kisses or strokes those areas with her hands.
For anyone interested, the calling I use has this core, with elaborations as fitting to the mood of the day;
“oh spirit (name) I call thee by the word and name of Narlathotep, rise, rise that I may see thy form
Oh spirit (name) I call thee by the forsworn covenant between man and the gods, Rise, that I mat hear thy coming
Spirit (name) I summon thee by the words of power, I command the to rise that I may feel thy skin, Rise that I may taste the sweet nectar of thy chalice, Rise that I may smell the sweet musk of thy quivering skin,
I command thee to rise and smell the incense!”
When she appears I remind her of her service to me
When finished I remind her of her Service to me
I give her the license to depart:
“Oh spirit (name) by the word and name of Narlathotep I grant thee permission the leave, Go. Remember well the work you must do, and forget not the covenant.”
I will than wash myself while thinking or saying “purge me oh lord and I will be clean, wash me and I will be whiter than snow.”

Thinking in the shower

Today I had a unique thought concerning the magical Eucharist. If we suppose that semen is the essence of life, or rather the fire of life, then what exactly is the blood of the Moon? I believe it is the essence of death. The blood of the moon is the essence drawn from Babalon, or Scorpio, and contains the deceased egg that was not fertilized. This acts as a catalyst for the Fire of life, enacting the most fundamental act of Necromancy; giving life to that which is void of life.
If we take the story of Ishtar’s decent into the underworld as an example, we find that Istar, after taking seven days to pass through seven gates, is laid bare before the Goddess Ereshrigal and stricken dead. After hearing of this, Marduk ventures to the Underworld to find Ishtar and givers her the Breath of Life, thus reviving her and returning her to the world of the living as a Spirit Child. It is not difficult to see that Ishtar’s lifeless body is like the Egg, and when given the Breath of Life, ascends to become a Tulpa of sorts. This is very similar to the Star Sapphire, in that it is a means of magically empowering something with the essence of life its self.
Where does this all leave us? I believe this calls for a series of magical experiments, namely utilizing sexual rituals for Necromantic purposes, and re-exploring the Necromantic arts as a whole. Crowley distained the use of Necromancy, believing it to be an inferior form of magick. I have long believed that Necromancy may very well be the essence to the new Aeon, and a crucible for Chaos Magick to be worked. The only way to discover the truth (Nothing is True, everything is permitted) of the matter is to Research and Research some more.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Urban Spirits and Elementals

Lately I've been working with a number of spirits that are localized to my neighborhood. The Interesting thing is they are not natural spirits (of the flora and fauana of the area) but of things like smoke, oil/gas, plastic, electricity, metal, and concrete. many of them resemble natural spirits, for instance concrete spirits are very similiar to earth spirits, however there are some slight differences.
So what does this all mean?
I suspect that the nature of elemental magic is shifting, in that new elemental forces are becoming present. these energies, which i believe where once qliphothic in nature, are beginning to become more and more naturalized, meaning they are beginning to become more akin to nature spirits than daemonic spirits. I believe this is because we as a species have begun taking these Daemonic spirits and have made them such a common part of life our conceptualization of them, and thus their very essence, has begin to shift.
Now this leaves another bit for one to ponder; what of the pre-established elemental energies?
What if, and this is purely hypothetical, the pre-established elementals began to shift into qliphothic energies? what would this mean for the nature of magick?
I guess only time will tell...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adjuration of Great Kutulu

On a monday during either 6am, 1pm, or 8pm, when the sun is in scorpio, prepare a wax tablet (5 inches across, 1inch thick) and incribe upon it the seal of Kutulu and dagon (a cresent moon with an eye). Cover this tablet in Abramelin Oil and cover with blackcloth.

Every new moon offer the wax tablet some blood and more oils (of your choosing). pray to the wax tablet on that day for  no less than 1 hour.

On the night of halloween go to a secluded place overlooking the ocean. take up the tablet in thy right hand and make the sign of the inverted pentagram invoking fire with thy left. perform two banishing rituals, then open the gates by making the sign of koth with thy left hand.
Recite the following three times:
O thou that lieth dead but ever dreaming, hear!
Thy servant call thee
Hear me o mighty Kutulu, hear me lord of dreams!
In thy tower at R'lyeh they have sealed ye,
but Dagon shall break thy accursed bonds
and thy kingdom shall rise once more
The deep ones knoweth thy secret name
The hydra knoweth thy lair
Give forth thy sign that I may know
Thy shall be upon the earth
When death dies, thy time shall be
and thou shall sleep no more
Grant me the power to still the waves
That I may hear thy call

At the third repeating cast the tablet into the waves and say:

In his house at R'lyeh dead Kutulu waits dreaming,
Yet he shall rise and hiskingdom shall cover the earth.

Banish two more times and leave only to return on the next halloween.

Malice led to the Black Egg

Imagine everything you hate about the world, every bit of darkness, every little piece of filth, shit, rot, every little bit of mold slowly creeping across  this feces encrusted planet, and form it into a hollow black sphere. Imagine the sphere becoming like a black hole, devouring all the plagues, famine, all the qliphothic energies that surround every day life and becoming more and more powerful. Now take the most horrific piece of your self and seal it inside the sphere.

This is The Black Egg.
Feed It.

Every day for the sapce of one year take all the frustration, the hate, the dissapointment, the malice, all the things about your day you simply detest feed it to the egg. Make your demon strong. When the time is right, after the space of one year, take the egg to a place like a coffee shop, movie theater, or any other public place filled with people that you detest. Let your demon free; break the egg.
For some the egg must be a tangable item, invested with these energies. for those people make sure the egg is something that can be broken. every time you feed the egg actually give it something, blood, honey, ash, dirt, shit, whatever.
When the only thing left in the world is darkness, the light will begin to shine the brightest. Even the faintest spark will grow to the intensity of an inferno when compared to the deep ebon shade that swallows the earth.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The HGA? A Rant About The Holy Guardian Angel

                I have pondered for a long time upon the subject of what the HGA is, namely, is there a universal HGA, and do we only experience a portion of that universal HGA as our personal HGA. Mouthful, but here is the idea; when we have Knowledge and conversation we become endowed with Sakinah, or the divine radiance. This Sakinah is the mantle, or the divine attribute of the HGA, which becomes present when we have our first genuine experience of the universal HGA. The first genuine experience is a breakthrough, when we arise from the luminary world where we experience the lesser emanation of the HGA  (Dagon) and begin to experience, with limited power to fully conceptualize, the Archetypal HGA (Kutulu). Our limited understanding creates a divide, we perceive this being to be uniquely our own, because on one level it is (we are infected with its light), but on another level it is a universal being.
                So what is the being? This has been the core of my ponderings for a while now, and I believe I have a slight answer. This being seems to be a bridging point between its two parenting energies; Tiamot who is the possibility of everything that can be, and Lumashi the possibility of all that is. When overlapped this creates two energies, one is Kutulu, the archetype of the HGA that is the true will, and the other is the space where Kutulu is able to manifest, the void called Koth.
                Kutulu then is like a wave of green light flowing through the possibility of all that can be (Tiamot) and the possibility of all that is (Lumashi), that wave being the path of the true will. The wave’s light shines into the area that the wave flows through, this is Dagon. Like Gaffriel sent by allah to bring Muhammad to the heavens, Dagon is sent by Kutulu to bring the faithful to R’yleh so the green heart legion may sprout in their souls. When we have our first experience of the HGA we see Dagon, who guides us to the true light. When we experience K&C Dagon brings us to the wave and we become endowed with sakinah, when we venture into the void of Da-ath, we must consume the light to become true elder gods else the light may consume us.  
                So what does this all mean for the magician? What of magick as a whole? Well, to the magician I must point out some elemental associations. For Tiamot to be the possibility of all that can be, the elemental association she would have to carry would be Air. This suggests that Lumashi would be earth, thus switching the relationship of the parental deities from not only each other, but to their children’s energies. Kutulu goes from air to fire, Koth from earth to water, tiamot from water to air, and lakhamu from fire to earth. This is vital for the elemental and god form correspondences of not only the banishing rituals we use, but for the placement and use of enochian tablets.  When placed properly around the Alter the elemental energies create a zone of space that easily channels astral energies for divination and summoning. The placement does not lend itself well to work with elemental intelligences, but does work disturbingly well with most qliphothic energies, and most disturbingly, is excellent for use with enochian intelligences.
                For Magick as a whole I can only say this: any bit of information that helps, helps. Anything that hinders the magick in a person’s life needs to be ignored or destroyed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Invocation of Kiprat Arba (a ritual of elemental empowerment)

The Invocation of Kiprat Arba

Facing east the magician makes the sign of Apophis and vibrates the letter “A”

He then makes the sign of fire and vibrates the letter “U”

He then turns to the left facing north, makes the sign of earth, and vibrates the letter “I”

He then turns left to the West, makes the sign of water, and vibrates the letter “E”

He turns left to the South, making the sign of air, and vibrates the letter “o”

 he then returns to the east assuming the sign of fire and again vibrates the letter “U” and slowly shifts to the sign of Apophis as he shifts from vibrating “U” to vibrating “A”

Finally he falls to the sign of silence and silently meditates upon the energies flowing about him.